• Kylie Jenner gave the first look at all of her daughter Stormi Webster’s first birthday gifts on Instagram.
  • Jenner threw Stormi a lavish (and very expensive) amusement park-themed party over the weekend that she spent months planning.

    What does a first birthday look like when you’re the daughter of near-billionaire Kylie Jenner? Apparently the party’s an amusement park that Jenner had created for you, and your gift pile from her many famous friends is abundant and designer-filled. Jenner shared an Instagram video of Stormi Webster taking in all her presents this afternoon. Stormi, who’s a little too young to understand what birthday gifts are yet, walked right away from them and to her mom:



    But there’s a Gucci bag in there, and Jenner documented DJ Khaled giving Stormi her very first Chanel purse during the Stormi World amusement park party:

    These gifts may or may not include what Jenner and her boyfriend Travis Scott bought their baby personally. But given Jenner got Baby Shark to attend Stormi’s party, she presumably went all out with presents for her daughter too. She documented herself wrapping the first ones at the beginning of January. Stormi’s birthday is February 1 so…

    Jenner shared her own photos from the party she threw Stormi on her Instagram yesterday. “I dreamed about this party and then drew it up on paper room by room and @mindyweiss really made my vision come to life!!!” she wrote. “Thank you Mindy and team! This party was magical.”

    She also shared a shot of her and Stormi inside the bash together. “I had to go all out for my baby. #StormiWorld,” she captioned that photo. Stormi had on a sequined mini dress for the occasion. And Jenner had matching earrings and her own light blue suit on. Chic:

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