To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before‘s lead couple, Lana Condor and Noah Centineo, have sold the possibility of a real-life romance between them as convincingly as they did on-screen. Condor started by telling Entertainment Tonight that she has never ever had the kind of chemistry she has with Centineo with any other actor before. Because Condor has a boyfriend (actor Anthony de la Torre, who has been admirably supportive throughout all of this), she and Centineo may flirt on social media while promoting the film, but it’s not serious. (Right now, anyway…)

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Centineo was asked about their chemistry in his own interview with the outlet as well as whether or not he’d do a marriage pact with Condor—a we’ll get married to each other if we’re both not married to someone else by age xx type thing. “Not with Lana. She’s boo’d up,” he said, acknowledging that he knows she’s taken. According to ET, he said he has made “several pacts with a few of his best guy friends though” so make what you will of that.

He explained his chemistry with Condor like this: it’s half good acting, half genuine connection.

“I think that that goes both ways for both of us. It’s not just like I’m the flirt and she’s the romantic and she’s the flirt and I’m the romantic. It’s all of it. I would say it’s a little bit to do with how amazing of an actress she is—that’s a really big part of it—and it’s really easy to react and listen to her when she’s ‘acting’ because she’s so natural. Another part of it is we just have similar perspectives on life. Our outlooks are similar and we just really like to talk and communicate. We got to know each other really well, so that made it really easy.”

He additionally told ET that the lockscreen photo of him and Condor cuddling on set, between takes, happened “because we love each other! Duhhh!” And also, he cuddled with everyone on set. “It’s not uncommon for all of us to cuddle with each other,” he explained. “Like Israel [Broussard, who played Josh,] and I cuddled together. It’s not uncommon.”

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