Balenciaga - Runway RTW - Fall 2018 - Paris Fashion Week

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Balenciaga, the brand best known for selling ridiculously-priced glorified IKEA bags and hot-pink platform Crocs, is at it again with a $9,000 parka that’s literally just seven jackets sewn together. But the Internet was quick to catch on that the look is VERY reminiscent of that of a certain character from Friends.

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Layered Oversized Parka


The parka debuted at the brand’s Fall 2018 runway show in March during Paris Fashion Week, and, now, it’s available for pre-sale on Matches Fashion and Barney’s. (“Finally!” said no one ever.)

Although the price comes out to roughly $1,285 per layer, on the upside, at least wearing it will make it incredibly easy to sneak snacks into a movie theater? It goes to show you that sometimes fashion can be a gorgeous haute couture gown that takes months to create, and other times it’s literally putting one jacket on top of the other to create one giant f*cking parka.

But let’s give credit where it’s due—because when it comes to layering clothes, Joey was WAY ahead of the trend.

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