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Dear E. Jean: I met the most wonderful man. We’ve had three amazing dates and have spoken almost every day on the phone. Everything was going perfectly until two days ago, when he stopped answering my calls and texts.

I texted him because I was worried, and he responded by saying he was swamped at work, and he’d contact me after he completes his big city-planning project. Then he blocked me on every social media platform and blocked my phone number. I sent a bunch of texts to his business number, just to tell him that he could count on me for at least some moral support. His secretary called back to tell me that his decision (blocking me) was final as of right now. I sent him one last text to tell him that I was there for him no matter what. But now I’m scared that I pushed too hard and that he’ll never want to see me again. Did I do the right thing by trying to contact him, even though he said not to?—Hating to Lose Him

Miss Hating: I love you, you nitwit, but allow me to suggest that the best way of preventing a recurrence of such hideous scenes in the future is to never, ever pester a man after your first two messages fail to get a response. (And two is pushing it!)

This letter is from the Ask E. Jean Archive, 1993-2019. Send questions to E. Jean at

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